Improve, promote, and maintain the Northern Rail Trail as a four season, multi-use trail through Merrimack County.  The Northern Rail Trail goes through the towns of Danbury, Wilmot, Andover, Franklin, and Boscawen in Merrimack County.
Upcoming FNRT meetings and events:
See calendar below for meeting and activity dates.  Meetings are held at various locations within the towns of Danbury, Wilmot, Andover, Franklin and Boscawen.
Two business enterprises in close proximity to the rail trail, and about 13 miles apart, have offered themselves as places that provide support for trail users, including parking areas, bathroom facilities, information about the Northern Rail Trail and snacks and beverages for purchase.
They are the Danbury Country Store at 705 Route 4 and in Danbury where High St. crosses the rail trail and the Highland Lake Inn in East Andover at 32 Maple Street, http://www.highlandlakeinn.com. FNRT-MC wishes to thank the operators of these establishments for their hospitality.
Rail Trail Maps
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The Northern Rail Trail Map
News: See why people are talking about the Northern Rail Trail!
Ethney McMahon produced a short video that shows the trail, how people are using it, and scenic views. Don’t forget to turn on your speakers, it has audio!

The Northern Rail Trail passes through some beautiful and remote areas.  FNRT-MC recommends that trail users exercise the same caution in traversing these areas as they would in passing through any other remote area. “State law requires that dogs be leashed when people other than the dog’s owner or handler are present.“

FNRT Calendar

Top Photos courtesy of Peter Southworth and Charles Martin