Andover Usage

Example Trail Usage in Andover, NH
SHARE Day is a special school day in the spring for the Andover community to work with the elementary and middle school students in a variety of arts and activities in and outside of school.  Andover citizens, sharing their interests and passions, work with students at the school or move to locations in Andover.
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Peter Southworth, a FNRT member, took students on the rail trail (which runs adjacent to the school grounds) to explore some of the Blackwater River valley on their bikes.  As the pictures attest, the students had a blast and loved the terrain accessible from the rail trail!


Snowmobilers in the snowy month of Dec., 2007


1. Bike Riders at Covered Bridge


2. Wheelies on the Trail


3. Muddy, Happy Riders


4. Science Class
Investigating red oak saplings along the trail