General Information

This section provides information about the Northern Rail Trail in Merrimack County, NH and our group of Friends devoted to making the four-season trail a reality.
Our sister group, the Friends of the Northern Rail Trail in Grafton County, NH, managed completion of the Grafton County stretch and is now involved in operation and maintenance of that part of the trail.
How You Can Help
The Friends of the Northern Rail Trail can use your help. We’re a dynamic group of outdoor enthusiasts and we’re looking for like-minded folks to help us convert all 34 miles of the rail line into a 4-season recreational trail-quickly!
We’re making great headway, but there’s still work to do.No matter what your area of interest or background, if you have the will, we have a way-for you to help make this trail a reality.
Download the FNRT Membership Form or make a donation now!

Photo: Peter Southworth
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