On January 18, 2007 FNRT-MC applied for its fourth grant under the State of New Hampshire’s Recreational Trail Program. This application seeks $30,000 to extend the ledge pack on the Northern Rail Trail from East Andover to the Franklin/Andover line, about 2.5 miles to the southeast from where the finished trail currently ends in East Andover. Normally, announcement of the winners of these grants occurs in late April.


If allowed, the finished portion of the trail would extend past Dyer’s Crossing in East Andover another half mile to the Franklin City line on Route 11. Work would commence in late summer and be finished by early fall of ’08.


While FNRT-MC has been successful in three of its last three applications for these grants under the Recreational Trails Program administer by the NH Bureau of Trails, there can be no assurance that it will succeed again this year. Results will be posted in late April or as soon as information is available.