After investigating how to best prohibit encroaching vegetation on the rail trail surface, consideration of  herbicides has been suspended at this time in hopes that increased volunteer support will protect the trail and corridor.  


The FNRT (Friends of the Northern Rail Trail) board received valuable feedback and opinions about spraying the trail.  The FNRT wants to respect the wishes of abutters, all trail users, and the greater community.  The group is committed to protecting the natural resources around the rail trail, and as we develop a long range maintenance plan, the board’s evolving strategy is to proceed with a combination of mowing, brush hogging, and using hand tools to maintain the trail – now 23 miles and growing.


The need for trail users to ‘adopt’ a section of trail is now more important than ever.


The role of a “Trail Manager” (or team) would include the following:
Monitor our signs, trail heads, drainage, problems with vegetation, improper activities, etc. – help us identify any issues or problems as well as communicate the varied uses & elements of the trail (people, history, wildlife, education, health, etc.) through photos, stories, etc.
Keep the trail clear of branches, debris, fallen trees, trash, etc. (or notify the FNRT in case of an issue too large to handle).  


If you have questions or an interest in volunteering, contact the FNRT at 344-4874.