Although the walk/hike portion of the National Trails Day celebration (June 5, 2010) on the Northern Rail Trail in Franklin was cancelled due to weather, the trail work project in Andover was not.  21 volunteers showed up to pull, mow, whack, and shovel encroaching vegetation from parts of the rail trail near Blackwater Park. Among the group of workers armed with loppers and rakes were 3 members of the Blackwater Trail Riders Horse Club who helped clear a trestle bridge near Short Road. Other teams cleared brush along the open rail trail, shoveled runoff from the walkway above the trail at the tunnel, graded and added harkpack to the tunnel surface.  Derek Mansell brought his wonderful tractor/shovel to help with the tunnel work, something that was badly needed for safety reasons.  All in all, the contribution of time and effort was a nice tribute to National Trails Day.