August 15, 2006
Daniel Webster was a key force in the Northern Railroad of New Hampshire.  He delivered the keynote address at a gala celebration on November 17, 1847 celebrating completion of the railroad.  Perhaps it is no coincidence that the railroad right-of-way passed along the western border of Webster’s farm in Franklin.
This historic property was slated for massive development, but a group of conservation organizations has worked diligently for preservation.  They have raised significant funding for the purchase, but need your help obtain the balance of funds required. Here is a description of the campaign.  This is a critically important effort for the Northern Rail Trail in Franklin!
Likewise, the Hersey Farm in E. Andover is a scenic prize that straddles the Northern Rail Trail.  The Andover Conservation Commission, Andover Historical Society, and Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust are working to preserve it.  Call Beth McGuinn at 603-526-6555 for more information.
Both efforts can use your help to secure the final funding needed to acquire these parcels!