There is good news for users of the Northern Rail Trail.  The Danbury Country Store is now open for business.  Designated an official Rail Trail Welcome Center by the Board of the Friends of the Northern Rail Trail in Merrimack County, the store offers important amenities to bikers and walkers on the Rail Trail in Danbury.


Audrey Pellegrino, Danbury Country Store operator, when asked if she would accept the Welcome Center designation said,


“I would love to have the store designated as a welcome center, we were actually talking today about where the bicycle racks should go! We will have a handicap accessible public bathroom for people to use as well as a separate sink to rinse travel mugs and water bottles….
The name of the store has been changed and is now The Danbury Country Store.  This may not be much of a change, but hopefully it is enough for people to realize it is something different.  We are offering made from scratch cookies, donuts and muffins daily as well as Boar’s Head Deli order-to-go sandwiches, homemade pizza slices, and salads.  Hopefully, people will stop at the store while out  enjoying  the rail trail!”


The distance from the first Rail Trail Welcome Center, the Highland Lake Inn in East Andover, to the Danbury Country Store is just about 13 and a half miles-an excellent distance to ride for lunch.  Also, the rest stop is just about 7 miles from the Potter Place trailhead.


“We’re very excited about the opening of the Danbury Welcome Center at the Danbury Country Store,” said Alex Bernhard, Vice President of the Northern Rail Trail in Merrimack County.  Good food, a public bathroom, water, and a warm welcome-a bicyclist’s dream!  We’re delighted that local businesses are developing along the trail.”