The July 4th annual raffle of the Friends of the Northern Rail Trail successfully awarded prizes donated by local businesses and raised money to support building miles of more trail in Danbury and Franklin.  In the next few weeks the FNRT will be connecting Andover’s rail trail to the existing trails that run all the way to Lebanon with eight miles of trail into Danbury.  In addition, the busy summer includes building another two miles toward Concord as we continue east from Webster Lake into Franklin.


Gail Beaufays of East Andover won the bicycle donated by S & W Sports of Concord, Stacey Viandier of East Andover won the weekend lodging donated by the Highland Lake Inn, and winners of the gift certificates were Leon Garretson of Hill (Jake’s), Bill Roberts of Concord (Green’s Auto), and Joy Gould of Center Conway (Pizza Chef).


Chris Norris is overseeing the three stages of work building trail into Franklin.  He is receiving help from Steve Rayno and Fred Hoffmeister.


Stage One will involve cutting back of vegetation by the Franklin Snowmobile Club under the direction of Billy Hurd. Billy, a nearby heavy equipment contractor, has also generously offered to undertake some preliminary work on the bed and Dick Edmunds has agreed to contribute much needed bank run gravel to build up the bed.


Stage two, preliminary grading and compacting of the bed, is planned for Thursday and Friday, September 9 & 10. The grading will be done by Eddie Larpenter using machinery donated by the Durgin and Crowell company. Peter and Ben Crowell have generously committed to continuing with their father’s interest and passion in constructing the Northern Rail Trail.  Volunteers will operate the compactor.


The final stage of the delivery, grading, and compacting of the stone dust (ledge pack) is planned for Monday, September 13 and will continue until completion.  Dick Edmunds will provide the stone dust in six trucks and is anticipating two days of work.


The FNRT thanks the community for their support in our fundraisers and we hope  to see you out enjoying the trail!