In April of this year we were awarded $30,000 to extend the Trail another two miles, from Switch Road in Andover to Channel Road in East Andover. NH Trails Bureau, which administers these Recreational Trail grants, estimates that we will have the necessary documents in place to actually start construction in August of this year.


We have been lucky again this year in having Peter Crowell of New London willing to contribute his services to do the construction of this addition. This will allow us to use the entire grant to purchase the stone dust to be laid down over the old railroad ballast.


Assuming all goes according to this plan, we should have a finished four season trail from Potter Place (at the intersection of Routes 4 and 11) to East Andover on Route 11 – a distance of about 5 ½ miles – by September of this year.


We plan to update this information from time to time as we get closer to the actually dates. When the work is done, we hope you can join us to celebrate the arrival of the Trail in East Andover.