Trail Access

The Rail Trail is easily accessible from several points along its length.  In Andover there are three recommended locations for access to the trail.  Each of these locations provides parking and is situated away from vehicle traffic, therefore giving safe and quiet trail access. See Map.


In Danbury
at the intersection of High St. and Route 4 in Danbury Center:  N 43° 31’ 35”  , W 71° 51′ 48”
At this trail access point The Danbury Country Store serves as a welcome/hospitality center for all users of the Rail Trail.  In addition to toilet facilities the store offers a wide range of food and drink. The store is located just across the street (Route 4) from the trail.


In Andover
at the Potter Place R.R. Station, Depot St. in Potter Place: N 43° 26′ 10.1”, W 071° 51′ 19.1”
at the Blackwater Park 0.5 miles S. of Routes. 4 & 11 on Lawrence St., Andover: N 43° 26′ 01.4”, W 071° 49′ 16.3″
at the Fire Station on Channel Road at Highland Lake in E. Andover (parking at the fire station is not permitted): N 43° 27′ 31.6”, W 71° 44′ 53.3”
at the intersection with Dyer’s Crossing Road, East Andover: N 43° 28′ 18.3”, W 071° 43′ 28.5”
In Franklin
at the intersection of Chance Pond Road and Rte 11 at Webster Lake: N 43° 27′ 33.50”,  W 71° 51′ 53.50”
where the trail crosses Holy Cross Road at Webster Place: N 43° 24′ 24”, W 71° 39′ 11”
In Boscawen
at Gerrish Depot on Rte. 3:  N 43° 21′ 56”,  W 71° 39′ 02”
at Depot Street Access: N  43°  19’  10’’   W 71°  37’  30”
at the Hannah Dustin Park & Ride (approx. ½ mile from trail head) N 43°  17’  25”   W 71°  35’ 27”


At the E. end of the trail The Highland Lake Inn serves as a welcome center for the Rail Trail.  Use of toilet facilities, parking, and trail information are free services provided by the center.  The Friends of the Northern Rail Trail greatly appreciates the cooperation and offer of this business to serve as a hospitality center.


Where the trail crosses Depot St. in the center of Boscawen at: N 43o 19’ 00.00”  W  71o 37’ 08.19” W